Why Choose


01. Data in Sports is the Future

It is no secret that data is everywhere and is here to stay. It started with Oakland A's and will continue with you. Sports analytics allows us to see the game at a deeper level, and we are experts in finding and implementing the data for your team's success.

02. We Are Here for Every Team

Any other sports analytics program is costly and reserved for the premier teams. However, we at Hot Route know that every team wants in on the hottest, new technology, and we want to provide that for everyone at a low cost.

03. Gain an Advantage over Competition

We want to ensure that your team is has all the tools needed to win day in and day out, and that includes understanding what the competition is doing. Our analytics doesn't stop at your team, but expands to your division, conference, and nation.

04. Win Oriented

The bottom line is that we help you all get wins. That is the key. Wins turn into streaks, streaks turn into championships, and championships turn into a legacy. Everything we do is to help you all win.

05. Community Focused

Most importantly, these wins are to foster a strong community around sports. Our primary purpose is to create strong communities around sports, and that is the ultimate goal. Wins are great, but they mean nothing without the cheer of fans after the final buzzer.