Next Play

Know your opponent's play before they call. 

Hot Route: Next Play is a real-time play prediction app designed to give you and your team the advantage it needs. It utilizes a deep scouting report of your opponent and the momentum of the game to determine what offensive play they will call before they ever give a signal for it. 

Thanks to cutting edge AI technology, Next Play is able to predict the upcoming play with superb accuracy. Making your team less reactive and more proactive.

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It's only $299 for this season.

It's time to take your program to the next level. 

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Next Pitch

Stop guessing where they're going to put the pitch.​ We'll tell you.

As smart as baseball is getting, it's time for someone to create an app that predicts the pitch type and where it'll be. I guess that someone is us. 

Hot Route: Next Pitch tells you where a pitcher wants to put the ball and how they want to get it there. It does this in real-time and is real accurate. No games. No BS. Just science. It uses the flow of the game and smart technology to know what will happen next. 

You want to see your team take it to the next level? You want to do it for the right price? Here's your solution.  All it takes is $299 and your team will have insight like the pros.

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