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We are here to build small, growing football, basketball, and baseball programs that foster healthy communities, and we want to be your program's personal analytics team. With over 30 years of sports experience and cutting edge technology, we are ready to help take your program to the next level. 

Our Services

Advanced Analytics

We go beyond the simple box score, and we try to dig out patterns and stats that are overlooked.

Customized Sport Tracking

Have a tailor-made experience as we track the things you want and nothing that you don't.

Game Film Breakdown

We take some of the leg work away from the hours spent watching film, as we find patterns in your and your competitions play. 

Scenario Analysis

Ever wondered how your team performs in a certain scenario? With Hot Route, all of those questions can be answered with our scenario analysis.


It is time to find out which players are truly the best, and where the in-game mismatches lie with our performance based grading system.


Gain a leg up on your opponent by having their team performance and tendencies scouted, while you focus on your team's performance.


Access to Exclusive Apps and Tech

Receive access to our applications that are custom-fit for your team to help you before, during, and after the game.


Ready to find out more?

The best way to see how something performs is to put it in action. If you are interested in our services and ready to take your program to the next level, click the button below to be sent a free copy of our post-game report.